The Multiplication Table

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The multiplication table is a great resource for students as they begin learning about multiplication.

It's a handy "cheat sheet" that shows the products of any two factors.  I covered multiplication factors and products here, so if you need a refresher, be sure to check it out.

I've created a simple multiplication chart that you can download and print out.  It covers the numbers one through twelve.  Below, you'll find tables for individual number sets.

Multiplication Table Worksheets

Before you begin, I've written a  couple lessons on how to read a multiplication chart.  If your child has problems understanding the worksheets, you may want to review those.

Check out the links below for each set of numbers, covering zero up to 12. Click on each thumbnail for individual worksheets and a lesson devoted to each number set.

You might also want to check out the printable times tables for a quick reference.

Once your child has mastered each individual set of multiplication facts, you can try these mixed multiplying papers.

The multiplication chart is presented in a couple different ways.  The maze worksheets have missing products that the student will need to answer to complete the maze.

The Missing Numbers papers are similar.  Each table has a few numbers missing and the student will need to multiply the factors together to complete the grid.

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multiplication table missing numbers
ones multiplication table
twos multiplication table
threes multiplication table
fours multiplication table
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More Multiplying:

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