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Are you ready for some Preschool Worksheets?  We're not, but now that our daughter is in Pre-School, we thought it would be fun to create games, activities, and crafts that we can do together.

Trying to tailor worksheets for preschool-aged children can be a bit tricky.  Kids develop at such different rates that it can be hard to tell what a child can or can not do.

In our daughter's class, children range in age from 3 to 6 years old.  A lot can happen in that span so some of the worksheets below might be too hard or too easy for your child.

Work at your child's pace and tackle the things that he or she can do, but most importantly, have fun.

Preschool Worksheets & Activities

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The worksheets are divided into three sections: ABC's, 123's and Activities. 

The ABC lessons introduce the Alphabet to Preschool children through coloring pages, songs, and activities.  The consonant worksheets have a couple printables that would be good for Preschoolers, like letter recognition and beginning sound tasks.

123's will teach children their numbers and how to count. There are coloring activities, matching tasks and printable flashcards with animals and objects on them that you and your child can cut out and make together.

The Activities cover a wide range of topics like shapes, tracing, colors, and more.


Use these lessons to introduce the Alphabet to your child or classroom.  There are two sets of coloring pages that are great for focusing on individual letters.  They all associate a word with the letter so for example, when coloring the letter 'F', there would be a picture of a fish as seen in the thumbnail below.

The Flip Book is a fun activity that you can do at home with your child or have your students take it home and bond with their parents while learning the alphabet and creating a fun ABC flipbook that they'll treasure.

The consonant worksheets will focus more on individual letters of the alphabet with worksheets that may be more appropriate for Kindergarten students, but again, work at your child's pace.

The printable letters can be used for a variety of projects in the classroom and at home.  They are big, block letters that can be used as a simple coloring activity or print a bunch out and create a sign!

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We've gone over the letters, time for numbers!  These preschool worksheets will introduce the basic numbers from 0-10 to your students.  There are matching activities, coloring activities, and counting tasks included in the lessons below.  The flashcards make a great tool for studying numbers.  Kids love the cute animals and if you print them out on card stock or laminate them, they'll last a lot longer.

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Preschool Activities

Here you'll find a wide variety of activities that cover letters, numbers, shapes, reading, and more.  They can help your child to develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.  I also created a printable routine that we used with our daughter who was having trouble with some of her hygiene. 

It helped out quite a bit and I would definitely recommend it to anybody that may be struggling with a child that is potty training or with a child that needs to have visual cues to understand his or her daily routine.

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What's Next?

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