Short Vowel Worksheets

short vowel worksheets

Use these short vowel worksheets to teach your child about the short vowel sounds of a, e, i, o, and u.

I have created different lessons covering each vowel individually, plus you can find mixed vowel worksheets along with study guide word lists and a simple game.

I recommend that you start with the worksheets that focus on individual vowels and as your child progresses, you can review them all with the lessons covering mixed vowel sounds.  But, as always, feel free to use these resources in the best way for your child or students. 

If you have any tips on teaching short vowels or any unique ways of using the worksheets below, please do not hesitate to leave a comment (comment section at the bottom of this page) for the rest of us.  

Short Vowel Worksheets & Activities

To get started teaching the short vowel sounds, you can simply click on the vowels below.  This will take you to a page that focuses on each vowel sound individually.  On those pages you can find six different worksheets that present the vowel sounds in various ways.

Each vowel lesson will have a coloring activity where students will have to color the pictures that contain vowel sound.  There is also a writing activity where students will need to write the words that rhyme as well as create sentences using short vowel words.

Other worksheets in each unit will contain basic labeling exercises.  A student will be present with different objects and have to label (name) them, then either write the word, circle the word, or write the vowel that is used.  My hope is that by presenting the material in so many different ways, the short vowel sound will become easily recognizable.

On the pages below, you can also find printable word lists for each letter that have simple three, four, and five letter words using the short vowel form.  These make a great study guide for students that are just learning about short vowel sounds.  You can print them out, spend some time going over the words with each other, stressing the vowel sound and coming up with new words that use the short vowel sounds.

I have also created a simple game that you can print out and play.  It focuses on writing and creating new words using the correct vowel sound.  It can be a fun rhyming activity!

Once you have worked through all of the different vowels, you can visit the mixed vowels page to find worksheets that present all of the vowels.  Your child will have to really listen to the words presented to figure out which vowel is being used.

If you are looking for more short vowel worksheets to use, you'll want to check out the vowel games and books for fun workbooks with hundreds more vowel worksheets, activities, and games.

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