Kindergarten Worksheets

kindergarten worksheets

It's a great time for us to start creating some Kindergarten worksheets.

My oldest daughter just started Kindergarten this year so I thought it would be a good time to begin a unit tailored towards that age group. 

While she hasn't been bringing home much homework, her teacher has given us things to work on like numbers, letter sounds, and sight words to name a few.

If you currently have a Kindergarten aged child at home, you know how hard it can be to get them to sit down and focus--especially if they've had to do that all day long at school already!

Because of this, I will be including a lot of activities, crafts, and games that will enhance the lessons presented below and get your child up and moving around.  Some children learn better through movement, so let's go!

Kindergarten Worksheets, Crafts, & Activities

Click on the pictures below to find Kindergarten lessons and activities for each topic.

The reading tab contains worksheets covering popular Kindergarten topics such as sight words, beginning and ending sounds, and letter recognition along with other early phonics skills.

The Music section contains songs that I've compiled from Youtube featuring variations of the ABC song along with original alphabet songs.

The handwriting worksheets introduce Kindergarten students to printing their upper and lower-case letters.  Each paper comes with a short activity that reinforces both writing letters and recognizing the sound a letter makes. You can also print out 3-lined writing paper templates to create your own writing lessons. 

Check out the counting and numbers lessons to learn about numbers and to find some fun games and activities that will teach your child how to count.  The number order and addition sign worksheets are a great way to practice the information covered in counting and numbers.

If your child has a good grasp of those topics, you can try the kindergarten addition worksheets to start learning about adding.  Instead of using numbers, the worksheets use pictures to add.

The connect the dots puzzles cover a wide range of kindergarten topics.  You can find puzzles that cover counting up to 100 and many numbers in between.  There are also puzzles that use the alphabet, colors, and shapes to create pictures.

The printable flashcards offer you a chance to practice kindergarten skills on the road.  You can print out alphabet flashcards, number flashcards, sight words, and even emotion flashcards.

The shapes lessons cover basic 2D shapes like circles, triangles, squares, and more.  There are short activities covering each shape and a few games that you can try at home.

The coloring unit has numerous coloring pages that you can print out.  They feature all kinds of different animals, fairies, dragons, and more.  You'll also find holiday-themed coloring pages too.  To learn more about colors, you can print out the color songs lyric sheets and sing along to familiar tunes.

The tracing worksheets will start your child with tracing simple lines and move on to tracing letters, numbers, and words.

In the listening skills section, you can practice working on your child's listening comprehension skills--a vital first step toward achieving reading comprehension.

Printable Kindergarten Worksheets

Simply click on any of the images below to find worksheets, activities, and crafts covering each of the topics.

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There can be lots of overlap between the grades during these early years.  You may want to check out some of the preschool lessons if your child needs more help with certain topics or move on to the first grade papers if the material is too easy.

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nursery rhyme worksheets and activities
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