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Regional State And Capital Worksheets

Learn state abbreviations, capitals, and map locations with these regional state and capital worksheets divided into 5 different regions.

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Easter Writing Prompts

Foster your child's creativity and improve writing skills with these printable Easter writing prompts. Worksheets for Preschool through 4th Grade.

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Pictures for Writing Prompts

Printable writing worksheets featuring pictures for writing prompts. Creative writing practice for students from Kindergarten to 4th Grade.

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2nd Grade Writing Prompts

Get creative and practice handwriting skills with these printable 2nd grade writing prompts & full-color pictures. Handwriting and cursive practice sheets too.

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Teaching Time - Five Minutes

Downloadable, free worksheets that focus on teaching time and counting by fives. Tell time by the hour, half-hour, fives, and to the minute.

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Tracing Numbers: Six to Ten

Tracing numbers not only teaches counting skills, it also improves your child's handwriting. Print these number writing worksheets to get started.

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Counting Activity - Learn To Count To 12

Teach your child how to count to 12 with these printable counting activity sheets and lessons. Find counting games, number coloring pages, and more.

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Alphabet Tracing - Uppercase G-L

Learn how to form and write uppercase letters G through L with these printable alphabet tracing worksheets. Lowercase and cursive handwriting practice too.

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Listening Comprehension Kindergarten Worksheet

Build your child's listening comprehension skills when you print out these kindergarten worksheet activities. Customize the instructions to your child's needs

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Spot The Difference Games

Compare two pictures and circle the missing items in these printable spot the difference games for preschool to fourth grade students.

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Tracing Letters - Uppercase A-F

Tracing letters is great preparation for learning how to write. Learn uppercase A-F with these printable worksheets and activities.

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Letter Recognition Worksheets - Upper & Lower Case

Work on identifying the difference between upper and lower case letters with these preschool and kindergarten letter recognition worksheets.

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Multiplication Test - Multiples Up To Twelve

Gauge your child's multiplication skills with a printable multiplication test covering multiples from 1 to 12. Advanced equations and strategies.

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Worksheets On The Southwest States

Learn the state capitals, abbreviations, and map locations of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma with these worksheets on the southwest states.

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Clock Worksheets - Learning Half-Hours

After completing the lesson on telling the hour, use these clock worksheets to teach time to the half-hour. More lessons on clocks and telling time available.

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