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Hexagon Shape Worksheets

Printable math worksheets covering polygons, 2D, and 3D shapes. Learn about the hexagon shape, pentagons, octagons, and more.

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Circle Shape Preschool Worksheets

2D Shapes worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten students. Learn the circle shape through coloring, tracing, mazes and other fun activities.

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Handwriting Practice Worksheets:Printing Gg-Ll

Learn how to print the upper and lowercase letters G through L with these free handwriting practice worksheets. Learn all the letters including cursive handwriting.

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Five Little Ducks - Preschool Activities

A fun preschool activity using the Five Little Ducks song. Teaches fine motor skills and counting. Find more Pre-K activities to print.

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Free Preschool Activities - Brown Bear Activity

This Brown Bear activity is a fun way to incorporate fine motor skills with reading. This is just one of the many free preschool activities that you can find at WorksheetsHub.

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Decimal Place Value Worksheets

Learn about decimals with these decimal place value worksheets. You can also download place value charts, multiplication grids, and other math lessons.

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Place Value Charts & Practice Templates

Printable place value charts and templates for homeschooling or classroom use. Place values ranging from ones to billions. Download free math worksheets too.

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Valentine Puzzles - PreK - 4th Grade Activities

These printable Valentine puzzles are perfect for elementary-aged children. An easy activity with little mess. Cut them out and glue them on!

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Valentine Day Activity - ABC Order Picture Scrambles

A fun Valentine Day activity focusing on ABC order. Cut out the Valentine picture pieces and words and arrange them in alphabetical order to create a Valentine's Day picture.

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Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Cute Valentines Day coloring pages you can print out for free. You can also find cartoon characters, fairies, dragons, and more.

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Valentine Word Search - Printable Puzzles

Print out one of these Valentine Word Search puzzles for a fun way to teach your child new vocabulary words. It's a great activity for class parties.

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Valentine Day Puzzles - Printable Cut & Paste Puzzles

Difficulty levels for kids of all ages. Print out your Valentine Day puzzles, cut out the pieces and glue them together for a quick Valentine's Day activity. Crafts and coloring pages too.

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Valentine Coloring Pages

Printable Valentine coloring pages featuring fun holiday themes. Find themed puzzles, activities, and crafts too.

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100 Days Of School

Need a quick and easy project for your child's 100 Days of School celebration? Check out this tutorial for some ideas.

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Place Value Activities - Hundreds Place Worksheets

Learn about the hundreds place with these printable place value activities and worksheets. Find more math lessons and printables...

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