Valentines Worksheets

valentines worksheets

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be creating Valentines Worksheets which will include coloring sheets, word searches, puzzles, and more.  I'll also be working on a few crafts with our kids which is always a lot of fun.

We enjoy the holidays in our house.  It gives us a welcome break from our routines.  For me, that means getting away from the math, handwriting, and reading to work on fun crafts, activities, and coloring pages.

Printable Valentines Worksheets

I'm going to start this unit out with one of our kids' favorite activities--puzzles.  There are puzzles ranging from easy to difficult so if you're using these in a classroom setting, be sure to use puzzles that fit your particular students' needs.

They're easy to use.  Print out your sheet and have your class cut out the pieces.  Once they are all cut out, have them put the puzzle together by gluing the pieces onto a piece of construction paper.

You'll also find picture scrambles which are great for practicing ABC order with your child.  These are a lot like the puzzles.  Each piece of the picture has a word on it.  Have your child put the words in alphabetical order to complete the picture.

There are also some word searches available that use common Valentine's Day vocabulary.

The last couple of units are coloring pages.  Set 1 is geared towards younger students while the second set is for older children.

Click the thumbnails below to grab your free worksheets.

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valentines worksheets 2
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For more Holiday fun, crafts, and activities, check out the pages below.

coloring pages to print
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