Writing Prompts for Kids

writing prompts for kids

This unit will feature writing prompts for kids from kindergarten through 4th grade.  We'll be covering a wide variety of topics and tailoring them to specific grade levels.

Kindergarten students will have simple writing prompts that include answering questions.  1st graders will be prompted to fill-in-the-blanks on their writing worksheets.  2nd grade students will begin writing short two to three sentence responses, while 3rd graders will build upon their writing skills with more creative writing.  4th grade prompts will focus on the four types of essay writing.

You can skip around the grade levels depending on your student's ability and your goals for their creative writing.  In addition to grade-specific writing prompts, you'll also find general prompts that can be used at various levels that include holiday-themed writing, seasonal-event prompts, and subject-specific writing prompts such as science or poetry.

Find Writing Prompts for Kids

I'm just getting started on building up this section of the website, so bear with me as I create content for my kids (and yours).  I'm also taking requests during this time for specific writing prompts, so if there is a particular subject that you think would interest your child, leave a comment below or reach out on Facebook and I'll create custom worksheets.  It's much easier to get your child to do homework if it's tailored to his or her interests.

The first group of writing prompts is now up and ready for download.  I created some writing prompts for 2nd graders with the help of our youngest daughter.  You can take a look at them below and then check back often as I'll be creating new prompts for other grades, holidays, seasons, subjects, and more.  Thanks for visiting!

UPDATE: The second set of writing prompts is now available.  In this unit, each worksheet has a picture on it.  Unlike the first set of prompts, there are no textual cues given as a starting point for writing.  Students can look at the picture and decide what they want to write about it.  Will they write about the events leading up to the photo?  Will they tell us what happens next?  The choice is up to them.  Because of the wide range of writing possibilities, these writing prompts for kids work great for all students from kindergarten to 4th grade and perhaps beyond.  Enjoy!

UPDATE: New Easter worksheets! We most likely won't be able to celebrate Easter with our family this year, but we're still going to have fun by working on these Easter writing prompts and then sharing them with our friends and family.

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More Writing Resources

If your child needs more handwriting practice, you can find lots of worksheets that cover printing and cursive writing.  For younger students, check out the lessons on tracing which will help with forming clear straight lines, diagonals, and curves that are essential to legible writing.

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