4th Grade Skills

4th grade skills

This 4th Grade Skills list will be kind of a running tally for all of the things that we're working on with our son this year.

So far, it's been mostly reviewing third grade material and remembering the things he's forgotten over summer break.

I'll break down the skills into different sets below for math, reading, and spelling.

4th Grade Skills & Activities

After I've created worksheets for each skill, I'll post links to those lessons.

4th Grade Math

  • Compare multi-digit whole numbers
  • Place Value
  • Rounding w/vertical number lines
  • Add/Sub multi-digit whole numbers
  • Solve 2-3 step word problems (add/sub)
  • Review multiplication facts
  • Add/Sub length, mass, capacity
  • Convert length, mass, capacity
  • Apply area/perimeter formula for rectangles
  • Multiply/Divide to solve word problems
  • Divide to find quotients/remainders
  • Multiply whole numbers up to four digits
  • Identify angles using shapes
  • Measure/Construct angles
  • Solve word problems using tape diagrams
  • Identify/Draw points/lines/line segments/rays/angles.

4th Grade Spelling

I started a list here of the spelling words we've been working on, but as the year has gone on, the list has grown.

Rather than write down new spelling words here each week, I've started a list of 4th Grade spelling words here that you can use for studying.

4th Grade Reading

  • Realistic Fiction
  • Folk Tales
  • Comprehension (who, what, when , where, why)
  • Problem/Solution
  • Main Ideas/Details
  • Informational Nonfiction
  • Read/Recall Events
  • Making Connections
  • Identify Author's Purpose
  • Research/Present Famous Person

As I mentioned above, this will be a working list for this school year (2015-2016) so check back as I'll be adding more worksheets and skills.

Let us know in the comments what skills your student is building this year.

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