The Addition Sign

addition sign

These addition sign worksheets are great for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

I've created a bunch of addition worksheets for older students that are learning how to add, but younger children might find these activity sheets better suited to their skill level.

Many early learning lessons involve shape recognition.  It seems that the signs we use for basic mathematics are often overlooked.

Children are great at identifying circles, squares, and rectangles, but do they get the chance to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division signs?

They do now...

Addition Sign Worksheets

Click on any image below to download your activity sheet.

Each paper has instructions on it, but I've included more details below.

addition sign 1
addition sign 2
addition sign 3

How To Use The Practice Sheets

The first sheet introduces the mathematical symbol for addition.  It's mixed in with the other three mathematical signs.  Students need to find and circle the four addition symbols.

The second worksheet deals with the concept of addition--what it means when they see the "+" symbol.  Have the children look at each problem and decide whether it needs a plus or minus sign.

The third paper is just a fun coloring page for your child or students to enjoy.  The clipart comes from My Cute Graphics, a site that offers clipart for classroom and personal use.  If you're a teacher looking for quality clipart, you need to check it out.  You can find more information on the images I use here.

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