Alphabet Flash Cards

alphabet flash cards

These alphabet flash cards are a great tool for teaching your child the ABC's.  I've created a few different sets for you to choose from and have tried to cover a variety of alphabets.

You'll find flash cards that cover the upper-case and lower-case variations of letters.

I've also included a set that covers the lower-case letters of the cursive alphabet.  I couldn't find a photo set of uppercase cursive letters that I enjoyed so I just have the lower for now.

I also made a set of flash cards that show you the sign-language alphabet.  One side has the hand gesture and the back will show you which letter it is. 

Printable Alphabet Flash Cards

The first set of flash cards has the upper-case alphabet on one side and the lower-case versions on the back.

Next is a set featuring all capital letters made out of sticks and leaves.

The third set shows the lower-case cursive alphabet, while the final one introduces the sign language alphabet.

A quick note on the cards, they've all been made to use in portrait orientation with the exception of the sign language flashcards.  Those should be held in landscape fashion--the hands looked really weird when I tried to create them in portrait.

Click the pic to download, then print.

alphabet flash cards 1
alphabet flash cards 2
alphabet flash cards 3
alphabet flash cards 4
alphabet flash cards 5

alphabet flash cards 6
alphabet flash cards 7
alphabet flash cards 8

alphabet flash cards 9
alphabet flash cards 10
alphabet flash cards 11

alphabet flash cards 12
alphabet flash cards 13
alphabet flash cards 14
alphabet flash cards 15
alphabet flash cards 16

Shop Flash Cards

If you're not into the whole DIY thing, you can purchase flash cards fairly cheaply below.  Use the arrows to browse through products.

Find more alphabet activities and more flash cards on the pages below:

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