Christmas Coloring Sheets

On this site, you'll find numerous Christmas coloring sheets featuring Santa, his reindeer, elves and more--all of which are a great way to break up the boredom of Winter break. 

You would think that brand new Christmas toys would be enough to occupy kids, but mine are usually bored by New Year's Day. 

No problem!  My kids love to color and I've been busy putting together plenty of coloring pages using free clipart from MyCuteGraphics and others.  So, get to printing, and enjoy your little artist's creation. 

Happy Holidays!

Printable Christmas Coloring Sheets - Elves

There are more Christmas themes to explore and color, but this section is all about the little people and I don't mean my children. 


Yes, those little people behind the scenes that make Santa look so good are here just waiting to be printed out and brought to life by your little artist, so grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and get to work.

I think this could be a fun activity for an elementary class.  Print out a set of boy and girl elves to hand out to your students.  Then have them decorate the elves and right their names on the hats.  Cut out the elves and tape them to their desks for name tags or hang them outside the classroom to display.

Have fun with it.

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