Coin Counting

coin counting

Review your child's coin counting skills with these mixed coin worksheets.  Now that she has learned how to count pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, she is ready to put all of her skills together.

The math worksheets below combine all four types of coins which will most likely be a challenge for your student.  I've found that with our kids, they do fine when we are focusing on a single denomination, but once we add in a couple more, things get confusing.

No big deal though,  If you find your child struggling with the information, you can go back and review the previous lessons using the link at the bottom of this page.

I've also found that using real coins alongside the worksheets can help out quite a bit.  Sometimes, having that visual representation of the abstract concept (value) makes things 'click' for the child.

Mixed Coin Counting Activities

The first two worksheets deal with counting mixed coins.  The student is presented with multiple coins and asked to count them.  In the first paper, students simply need to circle the correct amount of coins shown.  In the second paper, they well need to count the coins and then write the answer on the line.

The third sheet will test your child's knowledge of coin value.  He is shown an amount and then asked to show that amount in another way.  For example, when shown two dimes and a nickel, your child should know that he can draw one quarter to show the same amount.

Rather than drawing the coins, a simple circle with a letter noting the denomination will work--Q for Quarter, D for Dime and so on.  There is a legend on the worksheet.

The last two sheets deal with coin recognition.  Your child will need to follow the directions on each sheet to color or mark each coin as specified.

Take a look at the pages below and, if you need help, see the instructions at bottom.

Click a picture to open a printable file in another tab.

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coin counting 2
coin counting 3
coin counting 4
coin counting 5

Using the Practice Pages

The first sheet is pretty straight forward.  There are four rows of mixed coins followed by three different values.  Have your child count the coin value in each row and then circle the correct amount.

The next activity is similar.  There are six coin purses with different amounts of coins inside them.  Count the money and then write the amount on the line underneath each purse.

The third task will test your child's ability to convert change into the fewest amount of coins.  There are four rows of coins.  Count the money in each row and then draw another way to represent the coin value.

For example, the first row show one nickel and five pennies--10 cents.  Your child would draw a dime.  Just use a circle with an amount in it, we're not testing artistic ability.

The next paper is a coin identity task.  Inside the bag are various denominations.  Use the color key to color each coin the correct color.

The final worksheet is the same idea except it uses underlining/circling instead of coloring.

If your child struggles with any of the coins, be sure to check out the individual lessons below.

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