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color by number

These color by number worksheets are a bit different than the ones you'll find in activity books or on other websites.  Rather than using a number legend to color one scene, your child will be creating his own legend by learning how to read the names of colors. 

Then, she'll work on counting skills as she'll need to count the objects on each page to determine what color each item should be.  Our youngest daughter has been bringing home pages like this from school and she loves doing them.

So...of course I had to create some more for her to do here at home.  Grab some crayons, print out your worksheets and let's learn our colors and numbers!

Printable Color By Number Worksheets

At the top of each paper is the legend your child will create.  There are five boxes.  Each one has a number and a color written inside it.  Have your child spell out the color, say the color, and then color the box using the correct color.

Once she has colored in all five of the boxes, it's time to use the numbers in each box to color the items.  To do this, you will need to count the objects that match and then color them according to the number that matches.

For example, in the first paper the third box is red.  When your student counts the objects, he will find three leaves that match in the bottom right corner of the activity sheet.  He will need to color those three leaves red.  In the upper left corner there is one flower by itself that doesn't have a match.  Using the legend, you will see that the box with a 1 in it says purple, so you would need to color that lonely flower purple.

For the first two printables, I made sure that all of the boxes were represented by objects, so that all of the colors in the legend will be used.  In the rest of the papers that is not the case. 

Some colors will be used multiple times while others will not be used at all.  Even if the colored box is not represented by an object, it should still be colored in.  This way students can still work on mastering their colors.

This activity is great for Kindergarten students that are learning their colors and just beginning to learn how to count.

color by number 1
color by number 2
color by number 3
color by number 4
color by number 5
color by number 6

You can find more activities and lessons covering colors and counting skills on the pages below.  Thank you for visiting.

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