Connect The Dots Printable

connect the dots printable

These connect the dots printable worksheets are a fun way to teach your child how to count the numbers from 1 to 30.

Used along with the number and counting worksheets that I've prepared, these puzzles can be a powerful tool for reinforcing number order and sequencing.

If your child struggles with these, try working on previous puzzles (1-20 are available) or go over some of the related lessons I've included at the bottom of this page.

Connect The Dots Printable Worksheets: Count to 30

Click on any puzzle to open up a printable file.

connect the dots printable 1
connect the dots printable 2
connect the dots printable penguin puzzle
connect the dots printable 4

As I mentioned earlier, if your child is struggling to finish these dot to dot puzzles, you can review using my counting and number worksheets or try some of the easier puzzles below.

counting worksheets
number worksheets 00
dot to dot kids 00
dot to dot puzzles 00

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