Consonant Blends

Consonant blends (or clusters) are formed by two or three consonants that work together to make a new sound such as -bl in black or -spl in splash.

There is a slight difference between blends and digraphs.

Blends are when each letter makes it's own sound.  For example, in the word 'black' you can sound out the word to hear both the /b/ and /l/ sound.

Digraphs are used to create unique sounds.  For example, in the word 'ship' the -sh is a digraph.  You can't sound it out and hear the /s/ and /h/ sounds individually.

If you try that, you'll say 'sip'.  And that's why I've started creating worksheets.

Our daughter is struggling with her blends right now so we've been studying hard. 

Consonant Blends Worksheets

Many teachers introduce blends in groups.  We're currently working on beginning L blends, but I will be adding more soon as we work our way through the various blends.

To print your worksheet, click on the picture below.  This will open up a PDF file in another tab.  Then you can print/download.

L Blends

consonant blends 1
consonant blends 2
consonant blends 3

Be sure to check back as I'll be adding more blends and digraphs.  In the meantime, you can check out the related links below for more practice.

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