Decimal Place Value Chart

You can use the decimal place value chart below to show your child how numbers can be divided into smaller units. For this beginner lesson, I've created two different charts that show decimals to the hundredths place.

For those of you wanting to work with whole numbers, you should use this place Value Chart I've created.

Most decimal places that we use everyday go no further than the hundredths place.  This is especially true in the case of units of money, which is what I deal with mostly as far as decimals go.  Still, I've created a chart that goes up to (or is it down to?) the millionths spot so that students can see how numbers can be broken down. 

Numbers are great, but some students may find that a real-life example explains this abstract concept better.  The second chart that I made uses money to show the tenths and hundredths decimal place value.

Printable Decimal Place Value Charts

Below are some simple chart templates that you can use alongside your child's homework to show them how numbers can be divided into smaller measurements.   You can use them to plot out numbers on the chart or to understand place values for money. 

Once you've printed out these charts, you can check out the lesson I created on understanding decimals.  There are worksheets that use the place value block system to teach decimal places.

To download the charts below, just click on the pictures.  This will open up a PDF file which you can download and then print out for use at home or in the classroom.

decimal place value chart 1
decimal place value chart 2

As mentioned above, I've created many more lessons and activities covering both decimal place value and whole number place values.  You can find them on the pages shown below.  You might also want to check out some of the 1st Grade math books available to you from my affiliates.  Thank you for visiting.

decimal place value 00
decimal number line
place value charts 00
first grade math 00

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