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I enjoy creating our free printable flashcards, but this particular group of flashcards holds a special place above the rest.

While addition and subtraction are important subjects (and the most commonly used flashcards), some things that are often overlooked can be just as crucial to a child's development.

Our son has been through many tests over the past few years all of which led to a final diagnosis of Asperger's.  We've been to many different play groups that focus on the social skills and interaction that he needs.

Many of these groups are far away in bigger cities, so I thought it'd be great if we could practice his social skills at home.  One area that we've worked on is body language and emotions.

The flashcards below are a result of the work we've done with our child.  I created a couple sets of both male and female flash cards.  You may want to print them all out (or have your child pick out a set on the computer) and use the ones your child responds well too.

Free Printable Flashcards:Emotions

Print out the flashcard templates below, cut, fold, and glue them, then use them alongside story-time and other activities.

The words I've included on the backs of the flash cards are broad.  It might not be the word your child uses, but as long as it's something similar, go with what the child knows.

Once they've developed an emotional vocabulary, be sure to use it in everyday speech.  While reading stories or watching movies, you can ask your child how certain characters feel.   Your child may also enjoy using the cards to tell how he or she feels. There are a few different sets to choose from so have fun.

For more flash cards you can print, see the link at the end.

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