Piggy Bank Craft

piggy bank craft

This piggy bank craft is a fun way to continue teaching your child about counting money.  Once you've worked your way through the money worksheets, you might consider this activity as a fun reward.

Piggy banks have had their day, what about birds?

This kit comes with two bank molds in the shape of birds.  Everything your child needs to complete these banks is included: coin slots, lids, brush, glaze, tape, and stickers. 

Depending on the age of your child you may have to help with construction, although the hardest task for your child will be deciding which of the 150 stickers to decorate with. 

In addition to teaching your child about money, you'll also get to teach them about recycling.  These banks are made out of recycled materials!

Click here to get your piggy bank craft kid from HearthSong(Sold Out) or check out some of the other fun bank kits below:

You can also teach your child how to count coins with these money worksheets I've created:

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