Place Value Activities

The place value activities below will focus on the hundreds position and its value. 

These lessons are intended for 1st Grade students, but as always, work at the pace your child sets.  Don't frustrate the student by making him or her try to understand the hundreds place before he or she is ready.  Take the time to master the previous lesson on the tens and ones position before moving on.

Printable Place Value Activities

The first three math worksheets will seem familiar to those of you that have already completed the Tens and Ones sheets.  They simply add the hundreds place to the number expansion problems your child should have already done.

If you haven't done those worksheets yet, the concept is simple.  Your student needs to look at the number which is written in expanded form and then write the number.  Each paper has an example at the top so in the first activity you'll see that the child is given the expanded form: 4 Hundreds, 9 Tens, 3 Ones.  Given that information, your child needs to write the number, 493 to complete the problem.

The second one is similar, but working backwards, so given a number like 493, your student would have to write: 4 Hundreds, 9 Tens, 3 Ones.

The 3rd activity drops the words and uses numbers so using the example from above of 493, the student would write: 400 + 90 + 3.

The last two are a little bit different.  One introduces word problems when dealing with this concept, while the last one integrates odd and even numbers with value placement. 

For more work with number values, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this page.

place value activities 4
place value activities 2
place value activities 3
place value activities 1
place value activities 5

Continue learning about place value and numbers with the lessons below:

decimal place value 00
place value blocks 00
place value charts 00
first grade math 00

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