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These S letter worksheets will teach your child the /s/ sound as it appears at the beginning and the end of words.

While learning letters begins in Preschool and Kindergarten, some of these sheets are good for older students as well.

I've tried to create harder papers for those students that already know their letters fairly well.  I'll go in to more detail on the difficult worksheets in the instructions below.

Printable S Letter Worksheets

To print these handouts, simply click on the image.  This will open a PDF file in another tab.  Click the printer icon to print your paper or the download arrow to save it to your computer.

I've included short instructions on each file, but if you need more detailed help, see the instructions further down.

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s letter 3
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s letter 6

S Letter Worksheet Instructions

The first paper is ideal for Preschool and Kindergarten children just beginning to learn their letters.  Say the letter and the words on the page.  Say the /s/ sound and have your child (or students) repeat the sound and words.  Then name the objects on the right and circle the ones that begin with S.

The next handout presents the material with an excellent fine-motor activity--cutting and pasting.  Have your child cut out all of the pictures (animals) at the bottom of the sheet.  Name the animals, focusing on the beginning consonant sound.  If it starts with S, paste it onto the soccer field.

The 3rd printable is great for students that are learning to print their letters.  Identify the object in each photo.  If it begins with S (seven, stapler, stop, sax, soup) then write the letter on the first line.  If it ends in S (bus, dress, glasses, jeans) write it on the last line.

Then you'll see a paper that has three pictures with four words next to it.  Your child needs to circle the word that best describes the picture then write it on the line.

Next is a rhyming activity.  The top box has four words that begin with S.  Below that are four more boxes with words in them.  Your child needs to pair up the words that rhyme by writing them on the line.  Use one S word from the box to complete the sentence and another to create an original.

Use the spider worksheet to have your child brainstorm ten words the begin with S.  Write one word on each part of the web.

For more help with letters and writing the alphabet, see the lessons below.

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