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Addition facts are basic math problems that a child learns when first studying math.

The student is expected to learn these to the point where answering them is automatic.

Once these facts are memorized, students should be able to answer the problems without having to "work out" the problem in their head or "finger-count".

Students should memorize the facts from 0 + 0 through 12 + 12.  After mastering these facts, more complicated arithmetic, such as 2-digit and 3-digit addition, will be easier.  A basic fact is an equation using two, single-digit numbers to arrive at a sum.  For example:

5 + 3 = 8

4 + 2 = 6

These types of problems are automatic for adults.  We don't have to think out the problem in our heads or count on our fingers.  That immediate (and correct) response to those types of math problems is what you're trying to teach your students/child.

I've made up a few charts you can print out that show the facts for each number from 0 through 12.  You can use these as a guide alongside the math worksheets found throughout the site or just simply go over them with your child. 

Take turns asking each other problems off of the sheets.  Our daughter loves playing "Teacher" so we'll let her ask us math problems and spelling words off of her homework assignment all the time.  I like to throw in a wrong answer here and there so she gets to correct me.  Every little thing you can do with these facts will help her to learn.

For facts of twos, fives, and tens, you may find it helpful to  review the skip counting lessons and worksheets.

For additional practice, you should take advantage of the free printable flashcards I've created.

Printable Addition Facts

Hopefully your child will enjoy the number animals on the fact sheets below a much as my daughter does.

She helped me pick out the clipart so it's been officially kid tested and approved!

All of the possible facts from zero to twelve are covered.  Once your child has mastered these, he'll be ready to move on to adding 2-digit numbers together.

Click the pictures below to download and print your fact sheets.

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addition facts 2
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addition facts 4
addition facts 5
addition facts 6
addition facts 7
addition facts 8
addition facts 9
addition facts 10
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addition facts 12

When you're done printing out your papers, you can check out the lessons below for more worksheets covering addition and math tables.

You can also find flashcards and math workbooks for more hands-on practice.

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