Identity Property

identity property

Today's addition property lesson covers the identity property.

There are four basic properties of addition that we use most every day.  While you and I have been working with numbers for years, we might not actually know the name of the properties or what they even are.

Your child is just learning how to work with numbers and these properties can be difficult to learn and understand at first. 

Take your time with these worksheets and make sure your child understands the concepts before moving on to other properties.

Property Definition:

This property is pretty simple compared to some of the others.  It just states that: The sum of any number and 0 is that number.  Easy right?

For example:

5 + 0 = 5

3 + 0 = 3

0 + 4 = 4

It seems like such a simple thing for us adults, but to a child just learning numbers, zero is a frustrating concept.

The sooner they learn this property, the easier math will be later, especially when they start more difficult math concepts like multiplying.

Identity Property Worksheets

Clicking on the pictures below will open a PDF file in another tab where you can download your document.

There are instructions on each sheet, but I will cover each one in a bit more detail below.

identity property 1
identity property 2
identity property 3

Lesson Guide

The first worksheet is a simple "solve the equation" task uses the identity method to solve.  On the left is an addition problem and on the right are four possible answers.  Students will need to solve the problem and then circle the correct answer.

The concept is the same in the next practice sheet, but it's presented a little differently.  On the left is a column of math problems.  Students will need to solve each problem and then draw a line from the equation to the correct answer on the right.

The third paper shows three rows of monsters.  Under each monster is a simple math problem.  If the problem shows the identity property then color in the monster above the box.  I have completed the first one. 

I used a bunch of zeroes in this worksheet to make it a bit harder.

Once you have completed this lesson, be sure to see the related lessons below for more help with the properties of addition.

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