Addition Worksheet:Multiple Addends

Each addition worksheet below will focus on adding multiple addends.

For more addition lessons and activity sheets, be sure to check out the addition homepage (link at the bottom of this page).

You'll find all types of practice sheets including number lines, properties of addition, and printable addition games to name a few.

These worksheets focus on problems with three or more addends, for example:

7 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 8 = ?

This is a five addend equation that is enough to make any first or second-grader sweat.  Once they learn the simple mental math trick of adding to ten first, these problems become easier.

In the example above, the student could use his basic addition facts to combine 7 and 3 for 10.  He could do the same with 2 and 8 for another 10.  He then has a simple equation of 20 + 3 for 23.

The papers below start with three addend problems and then move on to tougher equations using four and five addends.  Work at your child's pace and for more fun with adding multiple addends, check out the addition game Number Island.

Multiple Addend Practice Sheets

Click the pictures below to download them to your computer.

addition worksheet 1
addition worksheet 2
addition worksheet 3
addition worksheet 4
addition worksheet 5
addition worksheet 6

Addition Worksheet Instructions

In 'Skyscrapers' your child will be given two apartment buildings with 4 rows of windows.  In each window is a number.  Add the numbers together and write the answer in the box below.

The 'Apple Addends' activities are similar except the numbers are jumbled up.  They aren't in nice, neat, easy to to add rows.  Add the numbers and write the answer in the box.  Your child can use the white space between the trees to show work.  The second Apple paper introduces a fourth addend.

In 'Petal Power', your child will be tasked with adding five digits.  Make sure that your child is making the work easier by adding to ten first.  If two numbers are used to get to ten, each problem gets a bit easier--it becomes a 3-digit problem instead.

'Candle Counting' continues on with five-digit addition.  Your child can use the space between the cakes to show work.  Write the answer in the box provided.

That pretty much covers the worksheets for now.  I'm adding new printables all the time so check back for updates and new lessons.

Be sure to check out the similar lessons below for more help with addition.

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