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coin games

The problem with math, reading, and coin games is that they often feel too much like homework and not enough like a game.  We played one game using coins that was so unbelievably painful that I stopped it to play video games (it was an educational video game).

Sometimes you have to adapt the games and homework to your child's interests.  Our daughter loves money (she calls it 'monies') and toys, so we created a simple game for her to learn about the value of coins.

Here's a quick and easy activity that you can do using things from around the house.

Make counting coins fun by playing a game where they can earn a penny, a nickel or a dime by doing different things. I'm not talking about having them do chores, this is supposed to be a game remember.

Have them do fun or silly things to earn the coins. Try to use things they are interested in.

Coin Games Made Fun

Our daughter loves her tumbling classes right now, so I had her do somersaults, jumping jacks, and one-legged hopping. I gave her a penny for every time she hopped on one leg, a nickel for every somersault, a dime for jumping jacks, and a quarter for cartwheels.

My son loves playing outside, so I could have him run around the house (this games is also great for wearing them out before bed!), slide down his playset, or swing.

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Once they have earned these coins, you can have some items out that they can purchase- erasers, pencils or small toys.

Have these "for sale" items cost either a penny, nickel, dime, or quarter, and then help your child use their coin counting skills to exchange their multiple lower-valued coins for the higher priced items. This is a fun way to make counting coins stick!

You might also check out these money playsets and games from Discount School Supply.

For more coin activities and worksheets, check out the pages below.

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