Cursive Handwriting Sheets

cursive handwriting sheets

This series of cursive handwriting sheets will focus on the next six letters of the lowercase alphabet--g through l.

If you missed the first set of cursive letters (focusing on "a" through "f"), you can find them below along with the rest of the cursive alphabet.

You'll also find links to my cursive handwriting lessons covering the uppercase letters as well as a template page that you can print off to practice your cursive handwriting.

Printable Cursive Handwriting Sheets

All of worksheets below follow a similar format. Each of the sheets below contains two lines of lower case handwriting practice.

The first letter has been given on each line so that students may trace it to get a feel for how the letters are formed.  Be sure to watch your child as he traces the first letter.  Our son would often trace the letters incorrectly to start with.  You'll want to get your child started off on the right foot (hand?) to keep them from forming any bad writing habits from the beginning.

Below the first two lines of handwriting practice, there are quick activities for students to do like matching words and pictures, coloring activities, and writing tasks.

Clicking on the pictures below will open up a printable file in another tab.  From there you can print out your handwriting sheets or save them to your computer for later use.

cursive handwriting sheets 1
cursive handwriting sheets 2
cursive handwriting sheets 3
cursive handwriting sheets 4
cursive handwriting sheets 5
cursive handwriting sheets 6

Using the Practice Sheets

Each paper has two lines of cursive handwriting practice.  In each row, the first letter is given so that students may trace it.  The rest is left blank for your child to practice writing the letter freehand.

Below the letter practice is one of three different activities.

In the first activity, there are three pictures next to three words.  Have your child write the words given and then draw a line from each word to the picture that matches.

In another simple task, there are pictures that children can color, followed by a line of traceable words.  Have your child color the pictures and trace the words.  Below that is another line where children can write their own words that begin with the letter they are focusing on.

The final activity is very similar to the previous one, but instead of coloring pictures, it is a spot the difference puzzle.  Find the ladybug that is different from the others.

For more cursive practice sheets, try these pages:

cursive handwriting practice 00
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