Cursive Handwriting Practice

cursive handwriting practice

This unit of cursive handwriting practice will focus on the first six lower-case cursive letters "a" through "f".

Each worksheet will provide two lines for practicing the letter individually.  The student can trace the first letter and then write his or her own.

Underneath the practice lines are words that begin with the same letter. The student will be asked to trace the words below that begin with the specific letter.

If you would like to have your students write their own words, you can print out these Cursive Handwriting Templates.

Printable Cursive Handwriting Practice Pages

The worksheets that you will find in the cursive handwriting lessons will all follow a similar format.  As you can see below, each letter will be introduced with two lines of handwriting practice.  The first letter is written out in a traceable font so that your child can get a feel for how the letter is formed.

After tracing the first letter in each row, have your students use the remaining space to practice their cursive handwriting.  You may want to watch closely to be sure they are forming the letters correctly.  Many of the worksheets on this site are ones that you can print out and let your child have fun with, but these aren't those kinds of sheets. 

If your child develops bad writing habits now, they will be harder to break later.  So keep an eye on how these letters are being formed and how your child is gripping the pen or pencil.  Pencil grip shouldn't be a problem by now, assuming you have already worked on printing, but some students may find cursive handwriting to be more difficult and may adjust the way they hold their writing instrument.

Once your child has traced and written out the letter on both lines, have them complete the simple activity below.  In most cases, this will be simply tracing words.

Click on the pictures below to open up a printable document in another tab.  Then you can print out your cursive handwriting practice pages.

cursive handwriting practice 1
cursive handwriting practice 2
cursive handwriting practice 3
cursive handwriting practice 4
cursive handwriting practice 5
cursive handwriting practice 6

These practice sheets can improve your child's ability to write in script.  They are an excellent resource for both elementary teachers and home schooled students.

Although you may not find it necessary to print out every worksheet, it is a good practice to have students quickly repeat an older lesson before beginning on a new letter.

The familiarity of a task already mastered will give your child the confidence that the new sheet can also be learned.

To learn how to write the rest of the cursive letters, see the lessons below.  You might also enjoy the letter tracing worksheets.

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tracing worksheets

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