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This last lesson on cursive practice will focus on the final eight letters of the alphabet. 

Hopefully you have found the previous lessons to be of help as your students have learned to write most of their cursive letters by now.

You can find prior lessons on lower-case cursive writing below along with the upper-case practice worksheets.

Printable Cursive Practice Sheets

Click on an image below to open up a printable worksheet in another tab.

cursive practice 1
cursive practice 2
cursive practice 3
cursive practice 4
cursive practice 5
cursive practice 6
cursive practice 7
cursive practice 8

Using the Practice Sheets

Underneath the two lines of writing practice are short activities that reinforce the letter.

In the first paper, there are three words and three pictures.  Students need to trace the words and then draw a line to the picture that matches it.  It's a short, simple activity, but it helps to break up the monotony of just writing, writing, writing.

In the letter 't' handout, students are asked to trace the words shown and then create their own words that begin with the letter t.

Next is a coloring activity.  Have your child write the word shown (no tracing this time) and then color in the object.

Then there is a simple task that asks your child to circle the objects that begin with the letter he or she has been practicing.  The rest of the handouts all follow one of these types of activities.

Remember that handwriting improvement comes slowly with deliberate practice rather than hastily implemented lessons.

Consistently requiring your homeschooled child to produce legible printing and cursive handwriting in all assignments (rather than just during handwriting lessons) will develop good habits.

For more help with cursive handwriting, see the lessons below.

cursive handwriting worksheets 00
cursive handwriting sheets 00
cursive worksheets 00
letter tracing 00

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