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free connect the dots

The free connect the dots puzzles below are designed for those students learning how to count to 100--a skill that usually begins in Kindergarten and may continue on into the 1st Grade.

There are six different puzzles to choose from.

Each one focuses on a multiple of ten, beginning with 50 and working up to the number 100.

For younger students that can't quite count that high yet, I've also created some dot to dot worksheets for counting to twenty and thirty.

You can find them in the related lessons at the bottom of this page, but for now, let's print out some activity sheets!

Free Connect the Dots Puzzles

Printing out your puzzle is easy.  Just click on one of the images below.  This opens a printable file in another tab.  Then you can print or download your paper.

Have fun!

free connect the dots 1
free connect the dots 2
free connect the dots 3
free connect the dots 4
free connect the dots 5
free connect the dots 6

For help with numbers and counting or to see more connect the dots puzzles, try these pages:

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