Halloween Arts and Crafts

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I hope you've been enjoying my other Halloween Arts and Crafts.  This art project is one that my daughter really enjoys.  She loves to paint and she loves to get tickled.  This craft combines them both.

She actually did this Halloween project in her Pre-K class one year and then we decided to try it at home this year.  I imagine it would be quite a task to do with the entire class.  Her teachers are braver than me.  Here's what you'll need to create a scary Ghost.

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  • Construction Paper
  • Paint or Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Glitter
  • Pompoms/Googly Eyes
  • Markers/Crayons

Halloween Ghost Art Instructions

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First, you'll need to take off your child's sock and dry his or her foot well. 

My daughter was a little too eager (and happy) to stick her foot in my face:

halloween arts and crafts 4Warning:Ticklish feet get paint everywhere.

This next step is up to you.  You can either use paint on your child's foot or you can use glue. 

We decided on glue because my daughter wanted to use glitter on her ghost--because everybody knows that ghosts (like teenaged vampires) sparkle.

You can pour the paint/glue onto the foot directly and then work it around with the paintbrush or use the paintbrush to apply it directly.  We tried both and it seemed to be less messy if we squirted the glue on her foot and then rubbed it around with the brush.

halloween arts and crafts 5

After you've applied the paint or glue, you're ready to plant that foot on some construction paper. 

If you used glue, you'll want to use black construction paper. 

Also, your glue may dry clear depending on what the bottle says, so you'll want some glitter nearby for clear-dry glues.

 If you used glue, now is the time to decorate it with glitter.  You'll also want to give it some eyes.  We used some small pom-poms that we had left over from another project, but you could also use googly-eyes or anything else your child can imagine.

halloween arts and crafts 6
halloween arts and crafts 7
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If you used paint, you'll want to let the paint dry before decorating.  Once ours was dry, we colored in a mouth.  Halloween arts and crafts projects like this one are a fun for your child to explore her imagination. Get crafty and get creative.  Thank you for visiting.

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