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These Kindergarten addition worksheets are great for students that are just beginning to learn about adding.

The papers focus on small sums (all under ten) and present the material using simple objects that early learners can easily identify. 

Adding abstractly is a skill for older students.  For those just learning how to add, it helps to learn by using objects instead of numbers.

Beginning mathematicians will find it easier to count something while they add, and what better to count than these cute animals?  

Kindergarten Addition Activity Sheets

All of the addition problems below use animals in place of numbers.  Children will love counting and coloring the cute, colorful animals like owls, pandas, bunnies, and more.

Click on the pictures below to download your worksheets.  There are simple directions on each paper, but I provide directions for each of them further down.

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Worksheet Guide

In the first worksheet, there are three problems to solve.  The equations are written with animals (elephants, porcupines, giraffes) instead of numbers.

Below each set of animals is a box.  Write the number of animals in each group in the box.  Don't forget to write the addition sign between the boxes too. Then solve by counting the number of animals in total and writing the answer in the box.

The second paper is very similar.  There are three addition problems that use animals instead of numbers.  Count the total number of animals and then instead of writing the answer, have your child color in the correct amount of animals.

Here again, you could write the numbers beneath each group of animals so that your child can see the addition fact written out.

The remaining printables follow the guidelines set in the first two activity sheets.  My daughter loves the raccoon and owl worksheets. If your child has a favorite animal that he or she likes, you can order custom worksheets tailored to your child.  You can message me to find out more.

For extra practice with addition or more coloring fun, see the pages and math lessons below.

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