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The L letter sound is a difficult sound for children to pronounce correctly.  We've had problems with all three of our children clearly making the L sound.

Speech therapy did wonders for our older kids and our youngest is currently receiving it through our local Preschool program.  While speech lessons are nice, there are plenty of things you can do at home to help your child.

First and foremost...Practice!  The only way that your child will learn to pronounce the L sound is by practicing it.  Repeat everyday words that begin with the letter to your child.  Have her repeat them back.

Are you taking her grocery shopping?  Point out the lettuce, limes, lemonade, (maybe not the liquor) and anything else you see.  Just hanging out at home?  Have him search for things that begin with L and name them.

If you're wanting a quick way to practice the letter, try out these worksheets I created.  They will introduce your child to different L words using fun activities and tasks.

L Letter Worksheets

Click on a picture below to open up a printable worksheet in another tab.

Each paper has instruction on it, but I'll cover each one further down.

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Activity Instructions

There are 9 different kinds of worksheets covering the letter L.  Here is a quick rundown of each and how to use it.  There are also instructions on the paper.

1.  Say the letter and both words.  Have your child repeat them after you, focusing on the /l/ sound.  On the right are four pictures, circle the objects (lamb, lion) that begin with L.

2.  Cut out the pictures at the bottom of the sheet and name them. If it begins with L (lime, lemon) paste it onto the paper.

3.  Help your child identify the pictures.  Circle the word that best describes each image then write it on the line.

4.  In each box is a word.  Write the L word that rhymes.  Complete the sentence using an L word then write your own.

5.  Say the word for each picture.  If it begins with L, write it on the first blank.  If it ends in the letter L (bell, bull, ball, pill) write the letter on the last line.

6.  Write ten L words on the spider web--one in each section of the web.

For more help with letters and writing see the lessons below.

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