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letter g worksheet

Each letter G worksheet below focuses on the hard consonant G found in words like grape, goat, and gorilla.

I'll create some worksheets covering the soft sound that G makes in words like germ and gem in later lessons.

The hard /g/ sound is presented in a few different ways with various activities and tasks for children of multiple skill levels.  Each paper has instructions on it, but for more help, I've included a detailed lesson guide below.

Letter G Worksheets

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Letter G Worksheet Instructions

In the first printable, your child will need to cut out the pictures at the bottom of the page.  Name all of the objects.  If it begins with G (grapes and goat), glue it onto the paper.

The next activity is perfect for younger students learning their ABC's.  Say the word and letter shown, being sure to stress the hard G sound.  On the right are four pictures.  Name each one and circle the ones that begin with G (guitar and golf club).

The third paper shows three pictures next to four words.  For each group of words, circle the one that best describes the photo.  Then write the word on the line provided.

Then you'll find a rhyming activity.  In the box at top are four words that begin with the letter G.  Below are four more boxes with a single word inside.  Write the word that rhymes in the correct box.  Use one G word to complete the phrase at bottom.  Create an original sentence using another G word.

The 'Consonant Sounds' activity shows nine pictures.  Name each one.  If it begins with G (ghost, globe, gum, goat, grapes), write a G on the first line.  If it ends with g (bag, egg, flag, log) write the letter on the second line.

In 'Web Words', your child will brainstorm words that begin with the letter G.  Write one word on each section of the spider's web.

For more letter activities, see the related lessons below.

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