Letter W Worksheet

letter w worksheet

Each letter W worksheet here focuses on the beginning and ending sound of /w/.

This letter is taught through coloring activities, sound recognition, and fine-motor activities.

You can find lessons covering all of the Alphabet, short vowel sounds, and more in the related content section of this page.

Letter W Worksheet Activities

The images below all link to printable PDF's.  Clicking on the worksheets will open your file in a new tab.  Just click the printer icon to print.

Each paper has instructions on it for classroom or homeschool use, but I'll cover each handout in more detail below.

letter w worksheet 1
letter w worksheet 2
letter w worksheet 3
letter w worksheet 4
letter w worksheet 5
letter w worksheet 6

Activity Sheet Instructions

The first two practice sheets are great for preschool students just beginning to learn their letters.

In the 1st paper, your child is shown the letter W and a word that begins with W.  Say the letter and word and have your child repeat both of them.  On the right are 4 pictures.  Name each item and circle the ones that begin with W--wagon/wallet.

The second activity shows a waterfall with five pictures below it.  Have your child cut out the pictures and name each one.  If the animal begins with W, glue it onto the page.

The next printable shows three images.  Your child will have to determine which word best describes the picture.  Circle the word and write it on the line.

Then you'll see a worksheet that mixes the beginning and ending sound /w/.  If the picture begins with W (walrus, watermelon, web, witch) write the letter on the first line.  If it ends with W (saw, straw, cow, crow, arrow) write it in the second space.

The rhyming activity shows four W words at the top.  Below are four boxes with other words in them.  Write the words that rhyme on the line.  Complete the sentence using one of the W words and then create an original sentence.

Use the Web Words worksheet to have your child come up with ten words using the /w/ sound.

For more practice with this and other letters, see the lessons below.

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