Math Maze

math maze

Use a math maze to make learning addition problems fun.

I was never a fan of math in general when I was in school and I don't know many children that like math today.

My son is no different.  He does, however, love mazes.  Addition + Mazes = One way to get my son to practice his addition facts.

Check out the worksheets below.  Once your child has answered all of the problems, he/she can use the answers to create a path through the maze.  Each paper has its own little story maze.

Math Maze:Addition Worksheets

Just click on one of the pictures below to download your maze then print it out.

Each maze has a short story on it (help A get to B) with instructions on how to complete the maze.  For example, in the first maze your child needs to circle all of the odd numbered answers to create a path.

Paths can move up and down, left and right, or diagonally.  I've included an answer key below too if you need help.

Update: A visitor pointed out that I spelled 'thief' wrong in the second worksheet.  Thank you much to her for pointing it out.  If you ever see a mistake, please don't hesitate to let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible.

math maze 1
math maze 2
math maze 3
math maze 4

Answer Key:

Here are the answers to the math problems and the solutions to the maze.  Don't let your child peek!

math maze 01
math maze 02
math maze 03
math maze 04

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