Multiplication Chart

multiplication chart

The multiplication chart introduces the products and factors of multiples up to twelve.  Although charts are handy reference tools, they can also become a hindrance to learning basic multiplication facts.

Reliance on charts or calculators can weaken your child's ability to move on to more difficult math in the future which demands multiplication skills.

Encourage your child to memorize the basic multiplication facts from zero up to twelve.  I've created plenty of worksheets that cover how to teach multiplication and different strategies for learning how to multiply.

Print Your Chart

Download the Multiplication Chart here.

The chart shows all of the possible factor combinations and their products from one to twelve.  The highlighted numbers show double factors, for example 3x3 or 5x5. 

I did this for a couple of reasons--firstly, it helps to break up the space and add some color to the chart which makes it much easier to read.  Secondly, it's one of the tests that our son had to take when he was learning his multiplication facts.

His teacher began with 1's, 2's, and 10's.  After that they worked on learning their multiplication 'doubles' (2x2, 3x3, and so on) which was a bit tricky, but having this highlighted reference seemed to help.

Before you begin teaching your child how to multiply, you may want to cover some of the basics like factors and products as well as skip counting. You can find these lessons and more at the bottom of this page.

Multiplication Chart Worksheets

Now that you've downloaded and printed out your chart, it's time to begin learning.  These worksheets use the chart above in different ways. 

In the math mazes, your child will have to complete a maze by filling in the products from one side of the chart to another.  Simply fill in the colored path with the correct answer to complete the maze.

The missing numbers worksheets are similar, but instead of a straightforward path through the chart, there are missing products scattered throughout.

multiplication times tables 00
printable multiplication chart

Those were just a few of the worksheets I've created that you can use along with the chart.

For more multiplication times tables and worksheets, see the pages below.

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multiplication worksheets

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