Multiplication Chart To Print

multiplication chart to print

You can find a multiplication chart to print here.  As seen in the photo above, it shows all possible factor and product combinations from one to twelve.

If you are familiar with and know how to use the chart feel free to check out some of the free worksheets below.  If you're not familiar with the multiplication chart, then stick around, because I'm going to cover the basics of reading and using it in the lesson below.

Multiplication Chart Design

multiplication chart to print 1

Learning multiplication tables by memory is extremely important to future math skills.  That is why we spend so much time focusing on
skip counting in our house.

A multiplication chart is a wonderful resource, but it shouldn't be relied on too much.  It's useful for teaching multiplication to students just beginning to learn the times tables, but it should not be used as the main method for solving problems.

The chart is a gridded table set up to show quick answers to specific number combinations.  Most often, these tables use the numbers 1 through 12. 

I've seen one or two charts that have the zeroes on it, but I feel that it's kind of a waste of space and easier to just teach that zero times anything is always zero.  I have a lesson covering multiplying by zeroes that you can use here.

Reading the Chart

multiplication chart to print 2

Using the chart is a lot like finding a point on the map. To use the chart, select a number in the top horizontal row and a number in the left vertical row. 

As you run your eyes down the columns, the place where they intersect is the product of those two factors.

In the example shown, choosing the factors of 3 and 4 and running down the chart until the two intersect shows a product of 12.


3 x 4 = 12

multiplication chart to print 3

Although many students groan at the thought of memorizing all those tedious factors and products (my kids did), they will enjoy the fun worksheets and catchy song videos you'll find in some of my other lessons.  Both visual and audio stimulation seems to make learning the tables much easier!

When homeschooling your child, remember to incorporate several different activities to break up the day.  Physical interaction, as well as incorporation of practical learning into daily tasks can keep the child stimulated and happy.

I've made many worksheets available to you to help you do just that.  Now that you have a multiplication chart to print, it's time to print it out and get to work on some factors and products!

Check out the pages below for more help with multiplication charts.

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