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Before you start working your way through the multiplication charts, it's important that your child has learned the previous chart. 

Before starting on the twos, make sure your child has grasped the concepts taught in multiplying by zeroes and ones. 

It might also be helpful if you review the various skip counting lessons for each number.  Take some time to go over skip counting by twos before working on the twos table.  Learning multiplication tables for twos is more fun with an object lesson.

Has she got it?  Great . . . now on to multiplying by twos! This exercise is called:

Multiplying By Pillows!

Gather several different (sets of 2) throw pillows for the first factor of our multiplication problem.  

Next - place two pillows on a couch.  Now ask your child to multiply ONE couch by TWO pillows.  How many pillows are there?

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Now place 2 pillows on a chair - leaving the first two pillows on the couch.  How many pillows are there when you multiply two pillows by two pieces of furniture?  The answer of course . . . is four pillows!

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You can continue, of course, until you run out of furniture and pillows!   You can use smaller examples . . . but tossing pillows around can be fun!

Incorporating interesting activities can make multiplication tables a more enjoyable experience. Fun multiplication worksheets, playing online games, and having the tables set to music makes rote memorization much easier!

Multiplication Chart Worksheets

Here are a few worksheets you can use to help teach this concept.

The first one is a simple math maze using the chart.  Have your child count by twos to get the ant through the maze.

The second one has numbers missing from the multiplication chart.  Your child needs to fill in the blanks with the correct number.  Again, you could count by twos to will in the bottom row all of the way across.  This may help the concept of multiplying by twos to stick with her better.

For example, start with the first empty box 2x1 and write a two.  Then show her how you can write in 4 in the next box, then 6, and so on.

The rest of the worksheets introduce simple multiplication facts using twos.  In each row there are objects and numbers.  Count the objects, multiply them by the number shown, and then write the answer in the box.

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There are many more charts, grids, and worksheets to discover.  Check out the pages below for more help with multiplication.

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