Multiplication Times Table Chart

multiplication times table chart

The multiplication times table chart worksheets here cover multiplying by three. 

You can download a free multiplication chart here to use as a study guide for your child.

Before attempting these multiplication worksheets, you may want to have your child skip count by threes as a review.  If he or she is having problems, be sure to return to the Skip Counting by threes lesson.

Multiplying by Cupcakes?

Now on to a quick object lesson . . . a real YUMMY one!  Trust me - your student will be dying to help you out on this one!  Bake at least twelve cupcakes or muffins (or another number that's divisible by three).

Don't forget to turn this into ANOTHER great counting lesson, such as counting out eggs, bowls, cupcake liners, spoons and candles. Be sure to have your multiplication times table chart handy for a quick reference.

Once the baking is finished, line up three cupcakes on the counter.  Tell him you need to put three candles on each cupcake. 

How do we know how many candles we need?  Be sure to have a paper and pencil handy so that he can write out the math.

Your child may be prone to doing it this way:

multiplication times table chart ex1

Laying out three candles for the first cupcake, three more for the second, and three for the last one.

Now would be a good time to show how using multiplication is a shorter way of getting the same answer.

multiplication times table chart ex2

Explain that you have three cupcakes and you want three candles on each.  3 x 3 is nine.  It's the same answer as laying out 3 candles for each cupcake, but it's a quicker way to get the job done.  And, the sooner the jobs done, the sooner you can eat those treats!

Multiplication Times Table Chart & Worksheets

Now settle your child down with a worksheet or two (and a cupcake) for multiplying by threes.

When finished, you can refer to the completed worksheets to switch around the cupcakes and candles in different ways - each representing a problem on the paper.   This, of course, assumes you haven't already eaten the factors while doing the worksheets.

Who knew learning multiplication tables could be so much fun?

multiplication times table chart 1
multiplication times table chart 2
multiplication times table chart 3
multiplication times table chart 4
multiplication times table chart 5
multiplication times table chart 6

Worksheet Instructions

The first couple of worksheets are pretty straightforward.  Simply have your child answer the multiplication problems.

The rest of the papers use images instead of written problems.  In each row have your child count the objects and then multiply them together to get the answer.  Write the answer in the box provided.

You can also have students write the problem out underneath the objects and then solve.

To learn more times tables, check out the multiplication lessons and resources below.

multiplication times tables
multiplication chart 00
multiplication worksheets
math multiplication games 00

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