Number Bonds To 10

number bonds to ten

Learn all of the number bonds to 10 with these fun, colored worksheets featuring cute animals, funny monsters, and more.

Our oldest daughter has just begun 1st Grade and we are now officially a part of the common core curriculum.  I've seen the posts on Facebook about common core, so we'll see how this goes.

We've never had issues with any of our son's curriculum (he's in 4th grade now) so I'm not too worried. One of the first units we're doing involves number bonds.

If you're not familiar with number bonds it's simply two numbers that add up to another number.  That's my unprofessional, I'm-not-a-teacher definition.  It works for my daughter.

Number Bonds To 10 - Worksheets

Below you'll find worksheets covering the different number bond combinations for 10.  If you already know about bonds then you can get started by clicking the images below.  Documents will open in a new window from Google Drive where you can print and/or download.

For those of you not familiar with these types of problems, I've included some instructions below.

Number Bonds to 10 Worksheet 1
Number Bonds to 10 Worksheet 2
Number Bonds to 10 Worksheet 3
Number Bonds to 10 Worksheet 4
Number Bonds to 10 Worksheet 5
Number Bonds to 10 Worksheet 6

Number Bond Worksheet Instructions

In the first paper you'll see pictures of bears.  On the first bear there is the number 10 and below it are two numbers that add up to (bond) ten.  Have your child trace the 7 and 3.  The rest of the bears only have one number on their feet.

Your child needs to determine which number completes the bond to add up to 10.  The rest of the worksheets follow this method.

In the hatching chick and butterfly papers the bottom rows have been left blank.  This is a great opportunity for your child to come with his or her own number bonds.

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