Printable Letter C Activities

printable letter c

Use these printable letter C worksheets to introduce your child to the hard 'C' sound heard in words like car, cat, and camp.

They also cover the ending /c/ sound in words like garlic, music, and picnic.

I'll cover the consonant blend /ck/ in later lessons on digraphs.  Be sure to check the alphabet lessons below for more on letter blends.

Printable Letter C Worksheets

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Practice Sheet Instructions

In the first paper, your child need to cut out the pictures at the bottom.  Name each item.  If it begins with 'C' (corn, can) paste it onto the paper.  You'll notice there is a cherry as well, I cover the /ch/ sound in other lessons.

Next is a rhyming activity.  At the top are four words that begin with the letter c.  Below are four more boxes with words that rhyme.  Write the correct word in each box then use one of the 'C' words to complete the phrase at the bottom.  Use another word to create an original sentence.

The third paper is excellent for preschool children just beginning to learn their letters.  Say the letter and the word, clearly enunciating the /c/ sound.  On the right are four pictures.  Circle the ones that begin with C.

The next handout shows three pictures next to a group of four words.  Circle the word that describes the picture and write the word on the line.

The 5th paper teaches your child about both the beginning and ending sound that C produces.  It was difficult to find words that both end in C and can be communicated through a picture.  The words I used were garlic, picnic, comic, and music.  You may have to help your child identify these words. Your child should also write a C on both the first and last line for the word 'comic'.

The final worksheet asks your child to come up with ten words that begin with the letter C.  There are ten sections of the spider web, write one word on each section.

You can find more printable letter worksheets in the lessons below.

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