Short A Sound

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The short A sound is found in the middle of words like cat, fan, mask and so on. 

It begins words like apple and average. 

You can teach this important short vowel sound to your child using the free worksheets below.

Short A Sound Worksheets

I've presented the short 'A' sound in a few different ways.  The first four worksheets are all very similar.  Students will have to identify the picture and then determine whether the word includes the short a vowel sound.

The way that students show this varies from sheet to sheet.  In the first paper, students circle the pictures with the correct vowel sound.  In another handout, they color the picture or write the letter A on the line.

The last two worksheets are a bit different.  One includes a rhyming task and writing sentences.  The other will task the students with having to think of 10 words that use the correct vowel sound.

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short a sound 2
short a sound 3
short a sound 4
short a sound 5
short a sound 6

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