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This unit on short vowels will cover the short e sound. 

This is the sound you hear in words like red, jet, or egg. 

You may find it helpful to print out the list of short vowel words to give your child a quick glance at many of the words that short 'e' can form.

Short E Sound Worksheets

Most of the worksheets here will look familiar to the previous papers covering the short 'a' sound. 

The Web Words task will ask your child to write ten words that use the short 'e' vowel sound.  You can make a game out of this as well, just see the related lessons at the bottom of this page to learn more.

Next is a rhyming and sentence writing activity.  Each box contains a word that rhymes with one of the short 'e' words.  Write the correct word in each box and then create a sentence using one of the words. If needed, you can practice your child's handwriting skills using the writing worksheets below.

The third printout has three rows of pictures.  Name the items in each row and color the ones that use the short vowel e.

In the next activity, student will need to identify the picture, circle the correct word and then write it on the line provided.

Then you'll see an activity sheet with nine pictures on it.  Name each picture and if the word uses the short vowel sound of e, write the letter e on the line.

The final paper shows clouds with words in them.  Color each cloud that uses the short vowel e.

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