Spelling First Grade Words

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Spelling first grade words can be fun. No, seriously.  It can.

When my son first started bringing home spelling lists from school, we would sit down each night and go over his words.  I would ask him how to spell the word and he would either say it out loud or write it down. 

That was no fun for anybody.  There were lots of tears (his and mine) and while my son complains every time I give him a short spelling test, he doesn't seem to mind doing these worksheets. 

He thinks he is simply doing a word search or a crossword puzzle.  I know better. You can make spelling fun for your 1st Grade child too by downloading and printing out the spelling list worksheets below.

Spelling First Grade Words - Short I

In this lesson we will be spelling first grade words that use the short "i" sound.  If you would like to learn more about short vowel sounds, I have included a link to my short vowel worksheets at the bottom of this page.  You can find lessons covering each individual vowel sound as well as mixed vowel worksheets.

Here is a quick overview of the spelling worksheets you'll find below. The first thing you'll see is a printable spelling list with all of the short I words on them. In first grade, we tend to focus on a short list of words focusing on a particular sound (in this case the short i), but we like to combine them with a few sight words as well.  All of the remaining worksheets will focus on the words found in this list.

The second paper is an ordering task.  Have your child write the spelling words in alphabetical order on the lines.

Next there is a simple crossword puzzle with easy clues.  You may have to help your child to read the clues, but they should be easy enough for any first grade child to come up with the answers.

The fourth activity is a writing task.  Read the sentences to determine which words you should write on the line. The first section is for the words that rhyme so if your students write 'pin' on the 1A line, they would write 'win' on the 1B line and so on for the the first six words.

Then there is a word search using the spelling words from this unit. 

In the final paper, students can write their spelling words in the boxes under the cheese and then color the cheeses different colors.

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Find more First Grade worksheets covering math, spelling words, and handwriting on the pages below:

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