St. Patrick's Day Word Search

st patricks day word search

I recently made some St. Patrick's Day word search worksheets for our oldest daughter.  She loves doing pretty much any kind of puzzle, whether it's a maze, a 'Spot The Differences', or a crossword puzzle, but word searches are one of her favorite activities.

Here are the first six word searches that I have created.  If you are a teacher that has a particular set of vocabulary words that you are using for a lesson plan on Saint Patrick's day, feel free to send your list to me and I will create a wordsearch for you.  Otherwise, please enjoy the worksheets I've created.

Printable St. Patrick's Day Word Search

Below are six different word searches that you can print off and use at home or in the classroom as a fun activity on St. Patrick's Day.  The worksheets start out with easier to spell words.  These would be great for younger students in 1st Grade or so. 

The last few worksheets have words that may be tougher for little ones to read and find.  Just be sure to print out the ones that are appropriate for your child or students.

While most of the worksheets are arrayed in simple square format, I did spruce a couple of them up by arranging them in the shape of familiar St. Patrick's Day items.  You'll notice that one of the papers is in the shape of a four leaf clover and another one is in the shape of a coin.  This may make the puzzles a bit more difficult for some students.

To print your word search, simply click on one of the images below.  This will open up a pdf in another window.  From there, you can print out your worksheet or save it to your computer for later. 

Special thanks to "A to Z Teacher Stuff for their awesome teacher tools which made it much easier to create these worksheets. And as always, thank you to freepik for the great St. Patrick's Day backgrounds and graphics.  You can learn more about both of these sites here.

st patricks day word search 01
st patricks day word search 02
st patricks day word search 03
st patricks day word search 04
st patricks day word search 05
st patricks day word search 06

If you are looking for more fun St. Patricks Day themed worksheets for your classroom or for homeschool activities, be sure to check out the other lessons I've prepared below.  You can find coloring pages and joke sheets as well as worksheets and coloring pages for other holidays.  Thank you for visiting and have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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