1st Grade Math

1st grade math

1st Grade math students build upon the math skills learned in Kindergarten.  Part of this process includes learning different ways to express the same number.

Children can use basic addition facts, tally marks, dominoes, subtraction, or any other means to label a specific number.

In the example above, you'll see ten different ways to express the number 5.  The worksheets below cover the basic numbers (1 - 9), as well as the first few double digit numbers.

Have your child work through the first three boxes and then they can create their own name-collection box in the fourth.

I've left a blank in the instructions so that you can determine how many names your students need to come up with for each number.  There is also a blank template that you can print out to create your own math problems.

1st Grade Math Worksheets:Name Collection Boxes

Click on the pictures below to open a printable worksheet in another tab.

The first four worksheets deal with the numbers 1 through 12.  For the name collection boxes with larger numbers over 12, students will need to rely heavily on writing out math problems to "name" the number.  The last worksheet is left blank so you can create your own boxes.

1st grade math 1
1st grade math 2
1st grade math 3
1st grade math 4
1st grade math 5
1st grade math 6
1st grade math 7
1st grade math 8
1st grade math 9

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