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2D shapes are a child's first introduction to basic math skills.  Triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles are the most common shapes, but there are plenty more that a child will learn during his or her first year of Preschool.

In this unit on shapes, you will find worksheets that focus on the Triangle shape.

If you're looking for other 2 dimensional shapes, you can find my lessons covering the rest of them using the link at the bottom of this page.  For now, let's focus on the triangle.

2D Shapes - Triangle Worksheets

There are currently 4 triangle worksheets that you can download and print out. Each paper has basic, easy to follow directions on it, but I'll cover each one of them in a bit more detail here.

The first sheet is a great way to introduce the triangle shape to your child.  At the top right is a basic triangle.  Use this to show your child what a triangle is and then color it in.  Below that is a simple tracing exercise. It gives the child a chance to trace the triangle and then draw line segments to create his own. There are four different triangle outlines.  Have your child trace the dotted lines and/or free hand between the points to create triangles of her own.  Below that there is real-world application of the shape.  You'll see various objects that are comprised of different shapes.  Have your child circle the ones that are triangle shapes or better yet, don't circle them, draw a triangle around them.

The second worksheet is a shape recognition task.  It has four rows of different shapes: triangles, squares, and circles. Have your child look through each row and then color only the triangles.

The third paper is another activity that will help your child to see shapes in everyday items.  There are three rows of different objects.  For each row, have your child point out the triangle shapes. Count the triangles in each row and then write the number in the box provided.

The final worksheet is a fun maze. Again, your child will be recognizing the triangle shape among other shapes in the maze. Have your child or students color in all of the triangles to create a path from the groundhog to his shadow.

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Here are a few more tools to help you teach your child about shapes.  You can print out some of the shape flashcards below for practice on the go or print out some of the tracing worksheets for fine motor skills and shape recognition. You can also learn about more 2D shapes like the circle and hexagon.

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