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shape flashcards

These free printable shape flashcards are great for a wide range of students.

Pre-K students will benefit most from the first set of cards which focuses on the basic shapes taught in early education settings.

Older children can learn about 3D shapes in the more advanced flashcards.

Print Your Shape Flashcards

To print out your flash cards, just click on one of the pictures below.  Doing so will open a PDF file in another tab that you can print or save to your computer.

This first set of flashcards is great for Preschool students.  The shapes are simple, black-and-white designs that cover the basic shapes of squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and ovals.

The next set of flashcards uses the same shapes, but it adds some color.  For those children that find the previous flashcards too easy, you can add in the extra challenge of identifying colors and shapes together.

As the child progresses, you can start introducing less common shapes like the ones found in the 5th set of flashcards.  These are often touched upon in Kindergarten, but focused on more in 1st grade geometry.

Introducing 3D shapes (the 6th printable below) can be a bit tricky for young students. They'll still want to call a cube a square, or a sphere a circle.  These flashcards might be a little more difficult, but keep at it!

shape flashcards 1
shape flashcards 2
shape flashcards 3
shape flashcards 4
shape flashcards 5
shape flashcards 6

For more lessons on shapes or to print out more flashcards, use the links below.

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