Equivalent Fraction Worksheets

Below are a few equivalent fraction worksheets that go along with the lesson on how to do equivalent fractions.

These are visually-based worksheets that use shading to introduce the idea of equivalent fractions.

Each of the worksheets will have three problems to answer.

The student is shown a shape and then asked to color in a specific portion of that shape.  The shapes are already divided into smaller pieces.

So, for example, the square in worksheet #1, problem #1 is divided into fourths.  The student is asked to color in half of it.  By doing so, the child can see that 1/2 is the same as 2/4.

Printable Equivalent Fraction Worksheets

Click on the pictures below to open up a downloadable file in another tab.

equivalent fraction worksheets 1
equivalent fraction worksheets 2
equivalent fraction worksheets 3
equivalent fraction worksheets 4

Using the Worksheets

The instructions are pretty straightforward for these handouts, but I will cover a few things quickly.

In the first sheet, you'll notice that the shape is divided into smaller fractions than what the student is asked to fill in.  For example, the student needs to fill in 1/2 of the square that is already divided into fourths.

The lines are dotted so that your child can divide the shape up into halves easily.  After coloring in 1/2 of the shape, he should be able to see that 1/2 is the same as 1/4.

All of the papers follow this method of converting large fractions into smaller ones.  However, the rest of the practice sheets don't have dotted lines for students to trace.

My hope is that this will push them to rely less on visualizing the concept and to lean more on their understanding of the material.

For more help with fractions, including how to identify equivalent fractions through multiply numerators and denominators, see the lessons below.

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