Fractions Worksheet

Use the fractions worksheet below to introduce basic fractions to your child.

This unit of worksheets will focus on halves, thirds, and fourths.

There are two papers covering each fraction.

The first one will have your child color in the correct fraction.  Each shape is already divided into the necessary parts.

The second worksheet will ask your child if the colored portion is correct.

Some are tricky.

For example, on the halves worksheet one square is divided into fourths with two-fourths colored in.  The child may not recognize that 2/4ths is the same as 1/2.

This lesson builds on my previous set of worksheets covering Equivalent Fractions.  If you haven't covered it yet or if your child is struggling with some of the problems below, you can cover the topic with your child using the equivalent fractions lesson at the bottom of this page.

Shapes & Fractions Worksheet

Click the pictures below to download/print out your paper.  It will open in another tab.

fractions worksheet 1
fractions worksheet 2
fractions worksheet 3
fractions worksheet 4
fractions worksheet 5
fractions worksheet 6

For more lessons on shapes and fractions, see the pages below.

shape coloring pages 00
equivalent fraction worksheets
fraction number line 00
dot to dot worksheets 00

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