Printable Fraction Worksheets

Use these printable fraction worksheets to introduce fractional values to your child or students.

In each worksheet, the student is given a shape and then asked to divide the shape into equal parts.  You may want to use a straight edge to make it easier. 

Then the child is asked to shade in a specific portion of the shape and then name the fraction based on how much he or she colored (or did not color) in.

Print out the lessons below and then read over the instructions if you have any questions.

Printable Fraction Worksheets:Equal Parts

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Using the Practice Sheets

Each paper has instructions printed on it, but I will cover them here as well.  If you have any questions about using the practice sheets, you can contact me using the link at the bottom of the site.

There are three problems on each activity sheet--one for halves, thirds, and fourths.

The student is presented with a shape and then asked to divide it into two, three, or four equal parts.  Have your child draw lines through each shape and then color in the amount asked in each problem.

On the right is an empty fraction with two blank boxes.  On the bottom, your child needs to write how many pieces he or she divided the shape into so 2, 3, or 4.

At the top, he or she needs to write in how many pieces were colored.  This will end up producing a fraction--a great way for your child to see how fractions are formed.

For more lessons on fractions or shapes see the pages below.

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